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Amit Lerner is a third-year undergrad student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, pursuing a BFA in film with a specialization in directing and editing.

Through her narrative films, she strives to explore the power and complexity of dreams, memories and time. Her true passion is documentaries. She believes that each and every one of us has a unique story that needs to be told. 

Previously she served in the Film Division of the Israeli Air Force as a director and editor. She has worked on two feature-length films and over thirty-five short films as a director, writer, cinematographer and editor in the last eight years. 



2020 - 2021

Hearst Project - Documentary Series

Documentary Development Intern at Insignia Films

Assist the post-production team on the upcoming PBS Hearst series

Pam - Short Documentary

Director, cinematographer, and editor  Official Selection: DOC NYC

To Be Free - Short Documentary


As a Woman - Documentary Series

1st AD

Lodestar - Short Film

2nd AC | Audience Winner at Nashville Film Festival

My Pleasure - Short Documentary

Gaffer and sound

The Cool Dad - Short Film

1st AD

Intimacy - Short Doc Hybrid

Director, cinematographer, and editor

2018 - 2019

'99 Snapshots - Feature-Length Documentary

Assistant editor and intern

Swans - Feature-Length Film

1st AC

Night Shines On - Music Video

Director, cinematographer, and editor

White Nights - Short Film


Gone - TV Pilot


Abandoned Memories - Short Doc Hybrid

Director, cinematographer, and editor

Outsiders - Music Video


Into the Night - Short Film


The Break-Up - Short Film

Director and editor

The Elevator - Short Film


The Partner - Short Film


Telenovela - Short Film

1st AD 


Israeli Air Force

Director, cinematographer, editor, and photographer for the PR office of IAF's Technical School

25 short documentary films

Honorary soldier award 

2013 - 2014

Lyn - Short Film

Director and editor

Running Away - Short Documentary

Director, cinematographer, and editor

NetBus - Commercial

1st AD and assistant editor

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